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Medit Link v2.6 & Medit Scan


Medit Membership

Starting with cloud storage capacity provided to customers by membership level, you can experience a variety of services from Medit. You can use manage and organizae your data with a large cloud storage of up to 10TB for just $0.99.


Easy Communication

By integrating direct communication options, you can quickly communicate with your patients to ensure the desired outcomes. This will not only increase end-product quality, but also save you time, money, and improve customers satisfaction.



With Medit Link Dashboard you can view scan and order status, cloud usage, storage space, and calibration intervals in real time, as well as keep track of daily scans in graph format. This allows you to easily and efficiently manage business performance and communicate effectively.


Web Viewer & Public Sharing

Public Sharing allows you to create links to 3D data and share them with others without the need for them to sign up. The Web Viewer allows you to view and adjust scan data on a PC or mobile screen, plus capture images and add notes. You can also communicate in real-time with your partners and patients in Web Viewer improving quality and patient care.


Cloud Storage & Scan Data Synchronization

Medit Link couples with cloud storage for all digital scan files requiring less drive space. This allows you to work on your scans, easily archive your digital impressions and orders, as well as manage everything remotely. Partners can also easily adjust the working files as required.


Payment Management

Medit Link's Payment Management automatically stores and manages your invoices to help keep your focus where it needs to be. When you make a payment for the first time, the payment information will be encrypted and stored securely. Now you can make future one-click orders.

Medit Link 2.6 l Medit Scan for Clinics n i700 wireless_20222.04.19.png

Medit Scan for Clinics v1.8

This upgrade provides a faster and more powerful solution to digital dentistry with optimized and improved scan data processing.


Smart Scan Guide

Medit Link 2.6 l Medit Scan for Clinics l ScreenShot l Smart Scan Guide.png

Need assistance?
Smart Scan Guide will help you with what to do next.

Strengthened user guidance provides help for abnormalities detected during scanning 


Smart Shade Guide

Medit Link 2.6 l Medit Scan for Clinics l ScreenShot l Smart Shade Guide.png

“SELECT” : Select data, select a shade, and select a representative color. 
That’s all you need to do. The Smart Shade Guide program will take care of the rest. 

Automatically distinguishes and suggests the best matching shade from scan data


Follow the Arrow and Perfect your Scan

Figure out with Smart Arrows that your scan data is sufficient to send a patient home. Scanning additional data and improving data reliability will make the arrows disappear.


Let our system filter it for you: Smart Scan Filtering

Medit Scan for Clinics l Smart Scan Filtering

Forget the challenges and frustrations of capturing unnecessary soft tissue while scanning! With Smart Scan Filtering, you decide what soft tissue you'd like to capture, allowing case-by-case customization.

MeditLink v2.5_Smart color filtering_underbar.png

Fingers or equipment always getting in the way? Smart Color Filtering is the solution!

Select colors to ignore to avoid foreign materials such as your gloves and Smart Color Filtering will do it as you scan.


The future is here: A.I. Abutment & A.I. Scan Body Matching

Select the correct library, scan the corresponding tooth, and watch how it is automatically matched and aligned with your scan data. Forget the hassle of incomplete scan data due to non-ideal environments. 


Beyond Scanning Function: Face Scan in Medit Scan for Clinics

You can now scan faces with the i500 & i700 in Medit Scan for Clinics! In addition, you can import 3D face scan data, and align data sets for a comprehensive results.

iScan_New Feature on iScan.png

Multi Occlusion

Making devices such as mouthpieces and anti-snoring devices requires checking multiple occlusal relationships. You can create up to 5 occlusal groups to keep a more therapeutic record.

Medit Link 2.6 l Medit Scan for Labs n ScanData - Laptop3 - T710 - 20222.04.19.png

Medit Scan for Labs v1.3

Enhanced user convenience:
Preview scan steps and select your scanning strategy with our new preview function.
Upload multiple scan data from a local PC effortlessly at once.
Schedule the next scan action while scanning.


Auto-Alignment with One-click

Medit Link 2.3 Release_자동정렬.png

Lab users can now enjoy Auto-Alignment aligning prepared teeth with base and/or occlusion data for a streamlined process.


Virtually Align the Occulsion Planes with One-click

Added Occlusal Plane Alignment for 11 articulators provided by exocad and combines with their Virtual Articulator.


Work with Ease: Set Automatic Scan Area

Scan immediately with an automatically set scan area. Save time without constantly resetting.


Compare the Margin Line Accuracy between Impression & Scan Data

You can now choose to scan only gums.
Conveniently scan gums as impressions with no additional work.


Fill Holed for Abutments

We have added a function that automatically fills the screw access hole so there’s no need to fill them with wax.  

In the flexible multi-die scan stage, the abutment holes are automatically filled. 


Swap data

We have added a function to move and exchange the scan data to whatever scan stage you want.  

Even if you scanned at the wrong stage, you can move and exchange scan data without scanning again. 

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