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Effortless management, exceptional results

Medit Softwares represent the pinnacle of digital dental technology, harmoniously integrating our scanning hardware to offer an unparalleled experience in dental care. 

Experience an unparalleled dental management experience. 

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Medit Link

Manage effortlessly with a single dental software

Streamline your practice with Medit Link! Simplified consultations, easy data management, and one-click collaboration with dental labs—all in one platform.

Medit Link Interface

Simplified consultations and patient data management.


Medit Scan for Clinics

Enhance scanning process in dental clinics

Capture accurate digital impressions with ease, improving patient experience and treatment outcomes.

Capture accurate digital impressions with ease.


Medit Scan for Labs

Optimize digital workflow within dental laboratories

From scanning to modeling, obtain high-quality outcomes with reduced turnaround times in laboratories.

From scanning to modeling, obtain high-quality outcomes.

Transparent Open System

Medit Link is free with constant updates

Experience seamless workflow, better patient engagement and superior care with Medit Link.

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Collaborate with labs>

Seamless workflow with partner labs

Experience seamless integration in your dental practice with our comprehensive solution that bridges the gap between scanning and customized prosthetic creation.

From scans to prosthetics in a seamless workflow.


Scan in a minute.

Medit Intraoral Scanners
Medit Lab Scanners
Streamline digital dentistry with our advanced intraoral scanners. Capture high-resolution 3D images for accurate diagnoses.

Edit easily with AI.

Medit Link Software
Medit Apps Suite

Design with our software. Fine-tune dental restorations with intuitive controls. Limitless possibilities await.


Send to lab and print.

Medit Apps Suite
3rd-party Integration

Complete the cycle with ease. Integrate with third-party solutions, turning 3D designs into high-quality dental products.

All-in-one workflow with Medit Apps >

Unlock a universe of possibilities inside one software

Gain access to all our dental applications inside Medit Link. Medit Apps is our comprehensive suite of dental solutions designed to cater to every aspect of your dental practice.

Gain access to all our dental applications inside Medit Link.

Medit Link

Medit Apps Open System inside Medit Link

Patient data Analysis

Unlock Insights with Advanced Data Analysis.

Get insights for advanced patient treatment outcomes and for comprehensive data analysis, offering deep insights into treatment effectiveness and patient trends.

Medit App_ Occlusion Analyzer

Get insights for advanced patient treatment outcomes.

Medit Link

Medit Scan for Clinics

Medit Occlusion Analyzer

Medit Crown Fit

Medit Caries Detection

Easy Consultations

Transform Your Design and Fabrication Workflow.

Streamline the digital design of dental restorations and appliances with our specialized Medit Apps and simplify the design process.

231121 Medit Apps Section Before Redesign

Streamline dental restorations with ease.

Medit Scan for Clinics

Medit Link

Medit Ortho Simulation

Medit Apps_smile Design

Medit Smile Design

Design and Fabrication

Elevate Patient Engagement with CAD/CAM Tools.

Our Medit Apps offer dynamic features for interactive patient consultations, making treatment plans and visual aids more engaging and comprehensible.

Medit App Update - Model Builder 1.1

Make treatment plans and visual aids more engaging.


Medit Model Builder

Medit Design

Medit ClinicCAD

Medit Splints

Medit Temporaries

Prosthetics creation

Print In-House or Send to a Lab—The Choice is Yours.

Elevate your clinic’s performance by integrating third-party applications into your dental workflow, bridging the gap from initial design to final print or lab submission.

Bridge the gap from design to prosthetics creation.

Medit Scan for Labs

Third Party Integration

Medit Apps_margin Lines

Medit Margin Lines

Medit Dcm Converter

Medit DCM Converter

Medit Apps_calibartion Wizard

Medit Calibration Wizard

Get access to all our apps

Digital design to dental prosthetics in a click

Discover the transformative power of Medit Apps, now enhanced with advanced CAD/CAM tools, designed to revolutionize every stage of your dental workflow.

Discover Medit Link

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