Medit T-Series Lab Scanners

Exceptional Performance with Style

We’ve completely overhauled the design of our T-Series lab scanners. The result is a sleek and sophisticated dental scanner which not only does its work well, but in style.

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Our Fastest, Yet Again.

Introducing the new Medit T-Series

Maximize dental lab efficiency with our fastest T-Series Lab Scanners. Experience rapid processing and high precision for complex tasks.

Ideal for Dental Labs

Perform scans with speed and accuracy

Transform productivity for high-volume workflows. Meet deadlines without compromising quality.

Medit T710 Lab Scanner

Leverage Medit's advanced technology

Simplify Scanning with Medit

Streamline your service with technology designed with the practitioner and patient in mind.

Speed Up Your Workflow

Scan a Full-arch in 8 Seconds

Accelerate your workflow with a fast scan engine and software algorithm. 

Scan_Medit T-Series Lab Scanner
Full-arch scan in 8 seconds
Medit T-Series_high-res-cameras
Four high-resolution cameras

Accurate Scan Data

Four 5MP resolution cameras

Eliminate blind spots with four high-resolution 5.0MP cameras.

T710 Scan Data
X Brand Scan Data
Scan Data Comparison

Foundation of CAD/CAM

Precision Lab Scanning

Meet strict international standards, including ISO 12836, ANSI/ADA standard No. 132, and VDI 2634, ensuring high-quality scans.

Medit T-Series_accuracy
< 4 microns ISO 12836

Flexible Multi-die Scanning

Enhance your workflow efficiency

Scan full-arch and partials simultaneously, simplifying tasks into two steps compared to traditional methods, making dental lab work more efficient.

Full-Size Articulator Scanning

Capture precise occlusion orientation effortlessly

Ensure ease and accuracy in replicating exact occlusal relationships. Seamlessly integrate with existing dental equipment for enhanced efficiency.

Full-size articulator scanning I Lab scanner

Better hardware awith software updates

Innovate with Medit, where updates mean upgrades

Software updates transform your scanners to perform better.

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Medit Intraoral Scanners and Dental Software
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