Medit i500

Value-Packed Scanning

Transition seamlessly to digital with advanced scanning technology that balances cost-efficiency and high performance.

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Exceptional Value in Digital Dentistry

Easy entry to digital dentistry

Enjoy precision scanning, user-friendly operation, and seamless software integration.

A dentist using the Medit i500 for treatment

Inside the Precision: Medit i500

35 FPS
High-speed scanning




Powderless Scanning
Patient Comfort



Intelligent Scan Algorithm
Smooth Scan



21.0µm ±1.48

Dual Camera System
LED Imaging


High Resolution Scanning
HD Mode



Ergonomic Excellence

Designed for ease of use

Experience smooth, strain-free scanning, ideal for extended dental procedures.

Cost-Effective Precision

Powerderless high-precision

Enjoy high accuracy and a cost-effective, comfortable scan without using powder.

High-Res Scanning

Detailed scans, valuable insights

Enhance diagnostics and planning with vivid, high-resolution imaging.

Value for All Specializations

Versatile applications

Ideal for multiple dental specializations, facilitating an easy transition to digital dentistry, offering a cost-effective, high-quality upgrade for practices.

Great Ergonomic Value

Simple scan button

Lightweight with a single scan button, streamline dental procedures efficiently.

Leverage Medit's advanced technology

Simplify advanced scanning with Medit intraoral scanners

Streamline your service with technology designed with the practitioner and patient in mind.

Value-packed Scanning

Get exceptional value and efficient scanning that elevates dental care standards.

Practice in Full Color

Better patient communication with vibrant, full-color 3D images.

Anti-fog Technology

Maintain clear, fog-free visibility with anti-fog technology.

Just plug and scan

Just connect and start capturing with intuitive operation.

Better hardware with software updates

Innovate with Medit, where updates mean upgrades

Software updates transform your scanners to perform better.

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Medit Intraoral Scanners and Dental Software
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