Medit i700 wireless

Seamless wireless freedom

Step into a world of seamless wireless freedom with the Medit i700 wireless. Experience the ultimate dental scanning technology, where convenience meets cutting-edge precision.

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Discover the Magic of Wireless Scanning

Dive into the next generation of dental technology

Simplify your dental workflow with wireless precision and ease. Witness how the future of dental diagnostics is shaped by this innovative technology.

a Hand Holding Medit I700 Wireless

Inside the Precision: Medit i700 wireless

70 FPS
Fastest in class





Battery Life
Up to 1 hour


Reversible Tip
180° flexibility





Disinfection System

Hasle-free movement



Remote Button
Easy control


Elegantly Compact

Weighing just 328 grams

Lightweight design reduces hand fatigue, ensuring comfort during extended use.

Medit I700 Wireless_front

Scan Swiftly with Confidence

Faster scans with high accuracy

Medit’s advanced technology guarantees accurate, detailed results, supporting confident, data-based decisions. Quick scanning meets the quality patients trust.


Up to 70 FPS

Experience High-Speed Scanning

Enjoy ultra-smooth, rapid scanning at speeds up to 70 fps.

a Hand Using Medit I700

180° Reversible Tips

The reversible tip suits small oral cavities for versatile use.

Medit I700_tip

Remote Control Mode

Navigate scans directly on the scanner for time efficiency.

Using the Remote Control Button of Medit I700 Wireless.

Uninterrupted Operation

Scan all day with a single battery

Manage up to 30 cases per battery charge, and with three included batteries, tackle up to 90 cases. Each battery provides 1 hour of continuous scanning and up to 8 hours of standby time for day-long, uninterrupted operation.

Handle up to 90 cases with three batteries per charge, each offering 1 hour of scanning and 8 hours on standby for all-day use.


Long Battery Life

Medit i700 wireless supports 1 hour of scanning and 8 hours in standby, designed for long sessions.

Medit I700 Wireless_battery

Optional Power

After using all 3 batteries, just plug in the power cable to keep scanning.

Medit I700 Wireless_power Cable

Leverage Medit's advanced technology

Simplify advanced scanning with Medit intraoral scanners

Streamline your service with technology designed with the practitioner and patient in mind.


UV-C LED Technology

UV-C LED disinfection system

Ensure a sterile scanning space, reducing dental hygiene risks.

Scan in Full Color

Better patient communication with vibrant, full-color 3D images.

Anti-fog Technology

Maintain clear, fog-free visibility with anti-fog technology.

Wireless power

60 GHz wireless technology for reliable scanning.

Master in Minutes

Effortless Learning Curve

Master your scanner in less than an hour of use.

Better hardware with software updates

Innovate with Medit, where updates mean upgrades

Software updates transform your scanners to perform better.


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