Medit Scan for Clinics

Intuitive scanning journey

Unlock a new era of clinical scanning with Medit Scan for Clinics. Experience optimized performance and simplicity on Windows and macOS.

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Scan easily with smart AI features

Simplify your scanning experience with Medit Scan for Clinics

Leverage AI for effortless, precise scans.

Smart scan filtering

AI excludes soft tissues for streamlined scanning.

Medit Scan for Clinics I Smart Scan Filtering

Smart color filtering

Automatically filter out non-essential colors.

Medit Scan for Clinics I Smart Color Filtering

High-resolution scans

AI guides through challenges, offering real-time insights.
Medit Scan for Clinics I Smart Scan Guide

Smart stitching

Seamlessly combine pieces with AI-driven detection.
Medit Scan for Clinics I Smart Stitching

Easy for new users

Empower your practice with AI
Our AI and HD technology guarantee detailed and accurate scans, making every session confidence-inspiring.

Simple UI

Enjoy an effortless start with a user-friendly interface.
Medit Scan for Clinics I UI

Kind guidance

Scan with AI-driven scan guide, arrows, and reliability maps.

Medit Scan for Clinics I UI

Practice mode

Hone your skills with a environment for learning.

Medit Scan for Clinics I Practice Mode

Efficient for complex cases

Master complex cases with advanced AI
Blend AI with high-definition tech for accurate, insightful scans, enhancing patient care.

Mandibular movments

Analyze detailed occlusion with AI for comprehensive insights.

Mandibular Movement in Medit Scan for Clinics

Multi Occlusion

Get precise occlusal scans with clear detailing in crucial areas.
Medit Scan for Clinics I Occlusion

Smart shade guide

AI matches shades directly from scans for superior aesthetics.
Medit Scan for Clinics I Smart Shade Guide

AI scan body matching

Precision in difficult-to-scan areas with AI accuracy.
Medit Scan for Clinics I AI Scan Body Matching

AI abutment matching

AI ensures precise captures in challenging conditions.
Medit Scan for Clinics I AI Abutment Matching
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