Medit Model Builder

Efficiency in dental model creation

Discover Medit Model Builder, a revolutionary tool for the dental industry, offering seamless scan-to-model creation. It boosts precision, efficiency, and innovation in dental practices, redefining standards in dental modeling.

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Introducing Medit Model Builder

Streamline the process of dental modeling

From initial scan data handling to sophisticated model creation, this software offers a comprehensive solution for dental professionals.

Medit Model Builder Introduction

Simple workflow

With just a few clicks, oral scan data can be turned into printable models.

Medit Model Builder | Simple Workflow

Model customization

Create various model types you want using options like base type, height, drain holes, and individual dies.

Medit Model Builder | Model Customization

Occlusal relationship maintenance

Attach various articulators to to check the accurate occlusal relationship during prosthetic finishing work.

Medit Model Builder | Occlusal Relationship Maintenance

Optimize 3D printing settings

Efficiently produce models for 3D printing using optimized parameter settings.

Medit Model Builder | Optimize 3d Printing Settings

Key features of Medit Model Builder

Medit Model Builder is equipped with a suite of advanced features designed to enhance every aspect of dental modeling. These features facilitate a more efficient, accurate, and flexible modeling process.

Medit Model Builder Features

Model types

Create model bases in various types for drain holes, infills, etc.

Medit Model Builder | Model Types

Articulator Mode

Choose various articulator types for occlusal relationships.

Medit Model Builder | Articulator Mode

Die Numbering System

Make individual dies separately or number them for practicality.

Medit Model Builder | Die Numbering System


Apply labels to the base for easy model identification.

Medit Model Builder | Labels

Automatic model area

Automatically search and designate areas for models.

Medit Model Builder | Automatic Model Area

And much more

Explore additional tools that offer endless possibilities.

Medit Model Builder | Additional Tools
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