What’s new in Medit Ortho Simulation v1.4.0, Medit ClinicCAD v0.9.5, Medit Model Builder v1.3.4

We are pleased to announce the latest updates for Medit Ortho Simulation v1.4.0, Medit ClinicCAD v0.9.5 and Medit Model Builder v1.3.4, featuring new convenient enhancements to elevate your app experience.


Please review the details below!


Medit Ortho Simulation v1.4.0


ℹ️ Read about the updates below or see what’s new in this video.

New Feature

  • Added an option for exporting teeth data as a library for Medit ClinicCAD.


  • Improved to generate simulations at double the speed.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where the program would occasionally crash during sculpting.



Medit ClinicCAD v0.9.5


New Feature

  • Teeth libraries from Medit Ortho Simulation are now automatically imported into Medit ClinicCAD.


  • Improved data manipulation when rotating the library teeth using the “Free Move/Scale” tool.



Medit Model Builder v1.3.4


Due to the termination of the usage agreement on the xSNAP files from xDEPOT GmbH, the following attachments have been removed from the program:

  • Medit_xSNAP_loose-bar
  • Medit_xSNAP_loose-double
  • Medit_xSNAP_tight-bar
  • Medit_xSNAP_tight-double
  • xSNAP-light-loose-fit
  • xSNAP-light-standard-fit
  • xSNAP-light-tight-fit

You may still attach your own files or use the following attachments provided by Medit:

  • Medit-Mount_Cap
  • Medit-Rectangle_55
  • Medit-SupportBar_60



  • Enhanced the overall stability of the app.



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