Welcoming FlashReady Slicer into Medit Link App Box

Welcoming Flashready Slicer into Medit Link App Box


Medit is thrilled to announce the integration of FlashReady, the cutting-edge slicing software by Flashforge 3D Printer®, with Medit Link.

Simply install the integration app from Medit Link and witness your designed data seamlessly sent to FlashReady for slicing, all with just one click!


Experience unparalleled printing capabilities with FlashReady’s key features:

  • Engineer Mode: Configure multiple resin types effortlessly, expanding clinical applications.
  • New Operating Platform: Seamlessly switch between grid/build platforms for enhanced versatility.
  • Customizable Supports: Automatically generate supports for optimal print results.
  • Enjoy efficient performance and stability, with frequent updates for the latest features and experiences.


Experience the seamless integration firsthand on Medit Link‘s App Box.

For more insights into FlashReady, visit here.



Join us as a software integration partner by submitting your application now! 🚀

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