Unboxing the new Medit i900 intraoral scanner

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Interested in the Medit i900, the latest addition to our intraoral scanner lineup?

Let’s take a look at what you can expect when you unbox this new device.


Inside the Box

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Opening the Medit i900’s package, the first item you will notice is the user guide. This manual is essential for effectively utilizing the device.

Beneath the guide, you’ll find the Medit i900 scanner itself along with its various accessories.


What’s Included

The i900 package includes several key components:

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  • i900 Handpiece
  • Reusable tips: Available in large and medium sizes to suit various cases (Note: Small tips are sold separately).
  • Power delivery cables: A single cable setup allows for a straightforward connection without extra hubs or cables. The improved cable quality enhances durability and ensures consistent performance.
  • Desktop Cradle, Wall Mount holder, and Calibration tool: These accessories help in setting up and maintaining the scanner for continuous performance.


Each component included with the Medit i900 is designed to efficiently support your scanning experience.


With the unboxing of the Medit i900, you have everything you need to start your scanning journey.



Additionally, to see the scanner in action and learn more about its features, watch an unboxing video by Mitchell Jenkins from @aurumgroup. This video offers a practical demonstration of how the i900 operates and explains its features effectively.



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We hope this overview helps you quickly get acquainted with your new scanner and maximize its potential. 🦷💫

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