Exploring the Touch Interface of the Medit i900 Intraoral Scanner

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One of the unique features of the Medit i900 intraoral scanner is its touch interface. These interfaces allow users to control the scanning process conveniently without the need for a keyboard or mouse.

Users can start and stop scanning and manage scan data seamlessly using the touch interface.


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The Medit i900 features three primary touch interfaces: the Touch Band, Touch Pad, and the Menu Button. Each component is designed to streamline your workflow and make your scanning process as smooth as possible.


1. Touch Band

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The Touch Band of the i900 offers 360º usability, perfect for accessing controls regardless of how you hold the device. Here’s how to use it:


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  • Start and Stop Scanning: A simple double-tap on the touch band will start or end your scanning session. The interface is designed to prioritize your double-tap during scanning, regardless of your grip or if you accidentally touch the band.
  • Navigate Through Stages: Swipe along the touch band to move seamlessly between different stages of your scanning process.


2. Touch Pad

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Control and manipulate your 3D scan data with precision using the Touch Pad:


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  • Zoom, Pan, and Rotate: Initially, press the menu button to cycle through different modes displayed on the program window. To adjust your view, tap on the Touch Pad’s corresponding top, bottom, left, or right sides and drag to position the scan data as needed. The Touch Pad’s UI will show the direction you’re dragging, enhancing your control over the navigation.


3. Menu Button

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The Menu Button is a versatile tool that aids in fine-tuning your scanning process:

  • Centering Scan Data: Double-tap the menu button to recenter the scan data on your screen, making it easier to view and assess.
  • Stage Navigator: Activate the Stage Navigator by long-tapping the menu button. Swipe the Touch Pad to adjust focus and tap the menu button to confirm.
  • Accessing Additional Options: Use the menu button to select options for the various pop-up dialogs in Medit Scan for Clinics.


Below is a summary of the entire touch interface of the i900.

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The Medit i900’s touch interfaces allow you to manage every aspect of the scanning process efficiently, even while wearing gloves. This intuitive design enhances usability and significantly improves the workflow, making the Medit i900 an indispensable tool for your clinic.

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