Software Hotfix: Medit Link v3.3.2

Medit Link V3.3.2 - Hotfix

Medit Software Hotfix

  • Medit Link v3.3.2
  • Medit Scan for Clinics v1.12.2
  • Medit Scan for Labs v1.7.2


We are pleased to announce minor software updates for Medit Scan for Clinics and Medit Scan for Labs. Check for details below.


Medit Link v3.3.2

No changes for Medit Link.


Medit Scan for Clinics v1.12.2

i900 Firmware Update

  • A new firmware update is available to enhance overall app stability during scanner connection and scan data acquisition.


  • Improved overall stability of the program.
  • Expanded the input range for the distance between the upper and lower jaw.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue that caused data processing to fail or data processing progress to freeze.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the program would become unresponsive while library matching.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Very Far” value range would disappear from the color map in the Occlusion Analysis feature.


Medit Scan for Labs v1.7.2

Bug Fix

  • Fixed a crash issue that occurred while scanning automatically after selecting the scan type as Flexible Multi-Die in the Scan Strategy.




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