Overview of the Medit i900: By Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny

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Medit has recently unveiled its latest product, the Medit i900 intraoral scanner.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Hassiny, the founding director of The Institute of Digital Dentistry (iDD), recently shared his insights and impressions of using the Medit i900.

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I have been beta-testing this scanner before its release, and now the time has come to share how it compares to other Medit scanners, and what new features are included.

The Medit i900 is the latest intraoral scanner from Medit, known for its innovative approach. Building upon the success of previous models like the i500, i700, and i600, the i900 offers significant enhancements and new features. This scanner stands out with its improved speed, accuracy, and ease of use, setting a new standard in digital impression technology.


Reduced size and weight

The Medit i900 stands out with its remarkably lightweight design, weighing only 165 grams. This makes it nearly half the weight of the i700 and lighter than popular smartphones like the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Compared to other scanners on the market, the i900 is among the lightest options available. This emphasis on reducing size and weight enhances ease of use for both clinicians and their teams, making patient scans more manageable and comfortable.


No need to worry about charging

Another surprising aspect is that the Medit i900 is a wired scanner. In order to achieve a lightweight and compact design, they have chosen a wired scanner configuration. By eliminating the components required for a wireless setup, Medit has followed a similar connection method as seen with the i600 and i700 – a single cable connecting to the laptop and powering the scanner. Medit has stated that they have upgraded this cable to enhance durability.


Unibody and symmetrical design

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The Medit i900 has a new ‘unibody design,’ which means it’s made from a single piece, with no joints. This makes it easier to clean and maintain. Plus, its symmetrical shape lets users hold it however they like, making it comfortable for anyone in the clinic to use. This design also distributes the weight evenly, making scanning effortless. Overall, it’s great for clinic staff handling multiple cases.


New touch interfaces

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A major innovation in the Medit i900 is the introduction of touch interfaces, replacing traditional buttons. Users now interact with the scanner through three touch interface areas located on its body.

The three touch interfaces are as follows:

  • Touch band – runs around the entire body. Used to start and stop the scanning process, as well as to navigate through the workflow by swiping it.
  • Touch pad – a square touch pad is utilised to orientate and view the scans.
  • Menu button – used to change the action of the touch pad.


I personally found the touch band to be highly responsive and seamlessly effective in initiating and terminating the scanning process.

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The scanner prioritises immediate reactions and feedback, with real-time haptics and an LED light at the back providing instant indications throughout the scanning process.


New optical engine

Medit has also introduced a new optical engine for the i900, marking its third generation. According to the company, this upgrade enhances scanning speed and depth of field. In my experience, the scanner performed impressively. It’s another fast scanner from Medit, even though I must note that the i700 and i600 already deliver excellent performance.
As for the depth of field, I tested it using a metal abutment model and compared it with other scanners. I found that the i900 swiftly captures the end depth of the abutment hole without encountering any scanning disconnections.


Every i900 comes with a laptop

Many people will know how annoying it is to have computer hardware that does not work with your scanner or have to consider which computer to buy.
However, this is no longer necessary with the Medit i900. Each laptop comes pre-installed with Medit Link and settings configured by the company, streamlining the customer experience and reducing confusion about which laptop to purchase.


In conclusion, my initial impressions of the Medit i900 are overwhelmingly positive. This user-centric intraoral scanner offers limitless potential to users, enabling seamless performance in various dental applications.


*This article is excerpted from the latest issue of Dentistry, a publication based in the UK. Available to read online or in print.


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