Medit Showcases Medit i900 intraoral scanner at SIDEX 2024

Sidex 2024 Pr

메디트, SIDEX 2024서 프리미엄 스캐너 ‘i900’ 사용부스 마련


Medit showcased its new Medit i900 intraoral scanner at SIDEX 2024, held at COEX in Seoul from June 7-9. The company set up booths where attendees could test the product firsthand. Feedback from attendees highlighted the i900’s intuitive touch interface, improved metal scanning capabilities, and the ability to compare it with other scanners on-site.


The premium i900 scanner is equipped with advanced AI technology, offering an enhanced scanning experience from purchase to operation. It incorporates user gesture-based controls through a touchpad and touch band, features improved imaging technology, and provides deeper scanning depth for various patient cases. Designed for user convenience, it boasts an ergonomic design and lighter weight, allowing for prolonged use without discomfort.


Sidex 2024 Pr


In addition to the i900, Medit showcased its popular i700 wireless and i700 models, known for their smooth and precise scanning capabilities, available in both wireless and wired versions. Medit also presented the i600, designed to deliver uncompromising quality at an affordable price, making digital dentistry more accessible to a broader audience. The Medit Cart, combining storage and ease of use, was also introduced.


A Medit representative emphasized the importance of customer feedback in their development process, stating, “We value our customers’ feedback, which allows us to improve our products and software continuously. We aim to develop even better software and offer advanced technology through MEDIT LINK.”


The new Medit i900 has received positive reception globally since its launch, first introduced in the UK at BDCDS in May. Medit plans to present the i900 at DDS Berlin in June and ADF24 in Paris in November, providing opportunities for customers to experience the product firsthand.


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