Medit Scanners Ranked Among the Top 4 by Dental Professionals πŸ†

Medit Scanners Ranked Among the Top 4 by Dental Professionals

In a recent transnational questionnaire study conducted by the Institute of Digital Dentistry (iDD), the Medit i700 wireless and Medit i700 emerged as the top two intraoral scanners in dentistry. Additionally, the Medit i600 ranked among the top four, solidifying Medit’s position as a pioneer in dental technology.

The study, which involved 1,072 respondents from 109 countries over three quarters, aimed to evaluate the user experience of intraoral scanners in dentistry.

The Quality of Different Intraoral Scanners (IOS) as Evaluated by the Responders - Medit

Unparalleled User Experience

The results of the study revealed that the Medit Scanners (Medit i700 wireless and Medit i700) were the preferred choices among dental professionals worldwide. Renowned for their exceptional speed, reliable support, ease of accessibility, competitive pricing, and overall excellent quality, these scanners have revolutionized dental practices. Dr. Donghwan Kim, a key opinion leader of Medit, emphasized the transformative impact of these scanners while praising the Medit Link software platform for enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows.


Cutting-Edge Technology

The Medit i700 wireless and Medit i700 boast advanced scanning technology that enables precise and detailed digital impressions. This technological prowess facilitates accurate diagnoses and streamlined treatment planning, empowering dental professionals to provide optimal care for their patients. The wireless functionality of the i700 wireless and the seamless wired connectivity of the i700 offer flexibility and convenience in clinical settings.


Medit’s Commitment to Innovation

As a global leader in dental technology, Medit consistently prioritizes innovation and customer satisfaction. By developing cutting-edge solutions, Medit addresses the evolving needs of dental professionals worldwide. GB Ko, CEO of Medit, highlighted the company’s mission to provide reliable, accurate, and user-friendly scanners that enhance workflows and improve patient outcomes. The recognition received in this study further validates Medit’s commitment to excellence in dental technology.

With the Medit i700 wireless, Medit i700, Medit i600, and other advanced dental solutions, Medit continues to shape the future of dentistry. These scanners empower dental professionals with efficient, precise, and user-friendly tools to enhance their practice and deliver exceptional patient care. For more information on Medit’s range of products, including the Medit i700 wireless, Medit i700, and Medit i600, visit



Please note that the full scientific research report can be accessed by clicking here.
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