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Simplify Clinic-Lab Workflows

Medit Link revolutionizes dental care by integrating advanced digital scanning and easy patient communication, streamlining practice management for clinics and labs.

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With effortless management comes exceptional results

The New Standard in Dental Management
Simplify your practice with Medit Link! Enjoy easy consultations, streamlined data management, and direct collaboration with dental labs—all from one platform.

Management dashboard

Easily coordinate between clinics and labs

The Medit Link dashboard offers a centralized platform for clinics and labs to communicate and collaborate efficiently.

Dashboard Interface

Patient communication

Medit Link facilitates straightforward communication between dental professionals and patients, improving engagement and ensuring a transparent treatment process.

Case Talk Interface

Open integration

Compatibility with various systems and software enhances your workflow.


3D data sharing

Share 3D dental data effortlessly fostering better collaboration.

3d Data Sharing

Safe cloud storage

Securely manage digital files from anywhere with our cloud storage.

Safe Cloud Storage
Standard Plan

Standard Plan

Free Plan for All Members: Enjoy basic cloud services at no cost.

1GB Cloud Storage: Perfect for new users, offering sufficient space to get started.

Ideal for New Users: An efficient way to begin your digital dentistry journey.

Premium Plan

Premium Plan

Affordable Subscription: Only $0.99 per month for extensive storage capabilities.

10TB Cloud Storage: Ample space for handling numerous cases and large amounts of data.

For High-Volume Users: A robust solution with extensive management capabilities.

Medit Membership Program

Flexible cloud storage plans
Start with a free 1-month trial. Subscribe for just $0.99/month for extensive storage options, suitable for both new and high-volume users.

Streamlined Dental Practice >

Enhance patient registration and support

Boost your dental practice with tools focused on efficiency.


Patient Engagement

Simplify Registration:
Offer a welcoming experience.

Manage Patient Records:
Access patient history easily.


Efficient scheduling

Appointment Coordination:
User-friendly interface.

Patient Account Management:
Manage information smoothly.


Better consultations

Use Dynamic Tools:
Share data seamlessly.

Multi-Channel Communication:
Engage patients effectively.


Enhanced treatment

Increase Diagnostic Accuracy:
Use advanced tools.

Digitalize Treatment Planning:
Create personalized plans.


Data management

Cloud-Based Storage:
Secure data management.

Effortless Management:
Maintain clear data managing.


Order management

Track Lab Orders:
Maintain clear oversight.

Streamline Workflow:
Simplify the order process.

Medit Link: App and Web versions

Flexibility in management across platforms

Medit Link is available in both App and Web versions, offering flexibility to users.

Medit Link App Version

Medit Link: App version


The App version integrates seamlessly with Medit Apps and third-party partners for a comprehensive dental workflow as a software.

Medit Link: Web version


On the web, users enjoy the freedom to manage patients and cases from any PC, facilitating communication with dental labs without hardware limitations.

Transparent Open System

Enjoy transparency in your workflow without any hidden restraints.


User-Friendly Interface

Master our intuitive interface fast with ease, focusing more on your patient care.

Real-Time Collaboration

Enhance decisions with real-time data sharing, keeping treatments informed.

Regular Software Updates

Stay updated with automatic updates and cloud backups, enhancing your hardware performance together.

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