Medit Link V2.3 & Medit Scan

Simplifying Your Workflow

We’ve unified our scanning software for both clinics and labs under one roof – on our Medit Link platform – giving you an even more seamless workflow! Introducing Medit Scan for Clinics and Medit Scan for Labs (previously iScan and tScan respectively)! Find out what you can expect with the latest software update below.

Start designing

with one click

via your clinic account

You can now connect to CAD programs from your clinic account, expanding the chairside workflow for your comfort.

Collaboration made easy: Case Talk

The ‘share’ function has been merged with Case Talk, with privacy setting options, for a smoother collaboration with your partners and patients.

Enjoy even greater flexibility

with scan data import for clinics

& integration with i500 for labs

Import 3D scan files from any Medit Link case on your clinic account and continue working on the data anywhere – editing and adding scans, as necessary. Labs can now perform additional scans using the i500 intraoral scanner for the deepest of areas.

Create your dentures more easily

with the new denture scan process

We’ve added scanning steps for dentures so you can produce your full dentures, replica dentures, and implant-supported dentures with ease.

Automatically filter out

pre-set colors for a smoother scanning experience

With the Smart Color Filtering function, you can select colors to ignore during the scanning process, to avoid foreign materials such as your gloves from being scanned.


our popular auto-alignment feature 

to labs

Our lab users can now enjoy the auto-alignment feature with our software which automatically aligns prepared teeth with base and/or occlusion data for a streamlined work process.

Release Notes for Medit Link v2.3.0

1. Medit Link UI renewal (App & Web)

  • The overall UI/UX of the program has been improved to provide a more efficient working process.

  • The UI/UX for each task along the digital dentistry workflow has been optimized using the Tabs ribbon.

  • Each Tab allows the user to perform the desired tasks quickly and easily.

  • Access to Medit Link Web on a variety of mobile and tablet devices has been improved.


2. CAD integration and related improvements

  • Connecting exocad with Clinic Account has been enabled, together with the chairside workflow.

  • exocad 2.4 Plovdiv is now supported.

  • Importing Material Configuration has been enabled. Frequently used options can be easily utilized in the Medit Link process.

  • Saving output files in the CAD-Data folder after changing saving settings in exocad has been enabled.

  • Maestro 3D output files can now be stored in Medit Link.


3. Merging of 'Share' function and Case Talk

  • The 'Share' function of the Medit Link App has been merged with Case Talk for a smoother experience.

  • Case files can be easily shared with the set audience and access options.


4. Improvements in form information registration

  • Form information can now be directly entered and modified from the Case View window, without additional dialogue windows, which can be utilized for further processes.

  • Frequently used product options can be saved to Favorites, which can be accessed from several PCs with the introduction of product settings export/import functions.

  • The process of filling in the form has been improved.


5. Export improvements

  • An option to change the naming rule for the exported files for better management has been added.

  • File compression function has been added to make it easier to exchange and manage files after export (sending through e-mail etc.).

  • Files can be exported in the user-defined format (JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP).

  • Files can be exported in the same format as the user-added files.

  • Export settings for 3Shape (2020), CEREC, TiZian Creativ RT have been added.


6. Case grouping and filtering

  • Cases can now be grouped and displayed based on criteria such as patient, date scanned, date ordered etc.


7. Patient management tool (Clinic Account only)

  • Patient management tool has been added. It allows the merging of cases of the same patient, as well as to manage information more effectively.


8. Partner management improvement – (Lab Account only)

  • Ability to select a frequent partner has been enabled.


9. Deleting orders

  • Cancelled, rejected, completed orders can now be deleted.


10. New products

  • New products have been added for use in form information and for ordering.


11. Localization

  • Arabic and Polish languages are now supported.

Release Notes for Medit Scan for Clinics v1.5.0


1. Changes to the software name

  • 'Medit iScan' has been renamed to 'Medit Scan for Clinics'. The program continues to offer the best scan performance and a variety of user-friendly features.


2. Improvement of the scanning experience

  • Scan speed has been improved.

  • The algorithms have been improved to enable faster post-processing and a smoother texture.

  • The color of the scan data has been improved to look more natural.

  • Scan data size has been reduced and can be uploaded to the cloud faster.

  • Improvements have been made to optimize computer memory usage to handle large amounts of data.

3. Scan Data Import function

  • Importing 3D scan file (OBJ, PLY, STL) from a Medit Link case has been enabled.

  • In addition to importing i500 data, scan files of third-party intraoral and tabletop scanners can also be imported.

  • Editing and additional scanning can be performed on the imported data.


4. Denture scanning process

  • Scanning steps for creation of dentures have been added.

  • The process can be utilized when registering full dentures, replica dentures, implant-supported dentures in Medit Link form.


5. Improved scanning of metal surfaces

  • Optimal performance environment has been created to proceed with scanning metal surfaces.

  • The scanner settings are changed automatically once a certain percentage of the scanning surface is detected as metal.


6. Smart Color Filtering

  • Smart Color Filtering function has been introduced. The function helps to prevent scanning foreign materials (e.g. gloves) in the intraoral environment by registering their colors.


7. Scanning experience improvement: animation

  • Animation effect has been added during automatic and manual alignment.


8. Information System improvements

  • Scanning process is complemented by an improved guidance system which introduces various functions of the program.

  • Scan strategies are illustrated by animations which guide users on how to get more accurate scan data.


9. Trimming of soft tissues

  • It has become easier to remove unnecessary soft tissue data after scanning due to the introduction of Noise Trimming function. Hence, the overall scan data editing time has been reduced.


10. 3D Connexion Space Mouse support

  • 3D mouse support has been added.


11. Addition to Display Modes

  • 'Texture On + Reliability Map' display mode has been added to display the color of the scan data together with the reliability map.

  • High-reliability areas expressed in color information and low-reliability areas expressed in light purple are provided to the user.


12. Smart Scan Filtering

  • The 'Teeth + Gingiva' filtering technology has been improved to prevent registering soft tissue such as lips, cheeks and tongue.


13. Improved occlusion scanning and alignment

  • The accuracy of the occlusion relationships in cases where unnecessary soft tissue is abundant has been improved.

  • Scanning and aligning occlusion after acquiring abutment data has been improved.

  • A function has been added to detach all aligned data.


14. Calibration UI improvement

  • Scanner calibration process has become more convenient as the 'Calibration' button has been placed at the bottom of the Main Toolbar.


15. Data Tree improvements

  • The data in the Data Tree is grouped together, and can be controlled by clicking on the corresponding icons or by dragging their sliders.

  • Data tree control tools have been added: 'Show All', 'Hide All', 'Show This Only', 'Expand', and 'Collapse'. The options are accessible by right-clicking on the data tree.


16. A.I. Abutment/Scanbody Matching UI improvement

  • The size and the usability of the library dialogue window has been improved.

  • A certification status for the library has been added.


17. Image Export

  • A function to directly save HD pictures acquired by the scanner to the PC has been added.

  • The ‘save location’ and image format can be specified (JPG, JPEG, PNG, and BMP formats are available).


18. Localization

  • Arabic and Polish languages are now supported.

19. Other improvements

  • Enhancements have been made to improve texture files support for facial scans.

  • The algorithm for manual alignment (abutment, scanbody, occlusion) by using two points has been improved.

Release Notes for Medit Scan for Labs v1.0.0


We are introducing Medit Scan for Labs, our new scanning software for labs which is the successor of colLab 2017. The major features of the program are as follows:

1. Automatic Alignment

  • The program automatically aligns prepared teeth with base and/or occlusion data, which helps to reduce the operating time.

2. Changing scan sequence

  • The sequence for the scan stages for Maxilla, Mandible and Occlusion can be switched.

3. Automatic elevation

  • Using Medit Scan for Labs together with the T310/T510/T710 scanners allows you to enable the automatic elevation function and scan area setting.

4. HD Scan

  • Using Medit Scan for Labs together with the T310/T510/T710 scanners enables scanning in HD mode to capture the smallest of details.

5. Integration with i500

  • The program allows you to connect your i500 intraoral scanner to perform additional scanning to get to the deepest spots.

6. Effective scanning process

  • Continuous scanning is enabled: you can begin scanning the next case without waiting for the previous case to be done with post-processing.

7. Convenient occlusion scanning

  • Large adjustable articulators can be just as easily scanned as the regular-sized ones.

8. Integration with Medit Link

  • Data can be shared through Medit Link.

9. 3D Connexion Space mouse support

  • 3D mouse support for screen control has been added.

10. Adding scan strategy

  • The program allows you to change the scanning strategy (such as adding gingiva or diagnostic model stage) after starting the process, utilizing all the existing data.