Medit Link V2.2 & iScan V1.4

Customize Your Experience with New Workflows

Medit’s latest software update is packed with multiple new functions for iScan and options for new workflows for Medit Link with partner integrations. Customize your Medit Link experience based on your clinic’s needs. What does YOUR Medit Link look like?

Introducing the Medit Link Dashboard.

With the advent of digital technology, collaboration between dental labs and clinics has never been easier. Collaboration is vital to workflows all over the world, including those of dentists and lab technicians. Digital technology is a crucial collaborative tool for the future of digital dentistry.

Experience all the benefits of a cloud-based service.

All your data is synchronized with your Medit Link cloud storage so you can view and edit it anywhere and anytime.

A flexible workflow: Import scanned data to other PCs and continue the scan or allow partners to make adjustments.

Smooth collaboration:

Web View & Public Sharing

Communicating in real-time with the Web Viewer will ensure high quality results and up your patient care.

Use the public sharing option via link to view 3D files and allow partners to view the data or capture images and add notes.

Product the most accurate prostheses:

Medit iScan now offers Margin Line Creation

Adding or editing control points to prepped teeth scan data while scanning in order to draw most accurate margin lines and forwarding this information together with the tooth number will make it easy to produces prostheses that put a smile on your patient's face.

The future is here:

A.I. Abutment & A.I. Scan Body Matching

Medit iScan now provides a library for scan abutment and scan bodies, plus to option for manual additions. Select the appropriate item from the library, scan the corresponding tooth, and the scan abutment or scan body will be automatically matched and aligned with your scan data. No need to worry about incomplete scan data in poor scanning environments. Use the aligned data for downstream work such as design.

Smart data cleaning for better results

After the scanning with Medit iScan select, delete and edit the data, based on the reliability map.
Remove less reliable data such as soft tissue for even better results.

Medit Link V2.1 Release Notes

  • You can now use the Dashboard Menu to view statistical information about your orders and data scans. We will keep upgrading the Dashboard for better service.


Scan data synchronization

Medit Link is turning into a cloud service. All the data created in Medit Link is synchronized with cloud storage so that you can view and edit this data anywhere and anytime via Medit Link.

  • Since all the data is saved on cloud storage, you do not need to save the data on local PC or make space for it. You can download the synchronized data files from the cloud storage even if you delete the data on your local PC.

  • You can scan anywhere using the synchronized data. Import the scanned data to another PC and continue the scan.

    • If you use the option of Auto Upload Scan Raw File in the Settings, the file will be automatically uploaded to the server. You can download the synchronized data and continue scanning.

    • Individual uploads can be selected for cases prior to v2.1.0.

Web viewer & public sharing
  • You can share the Live View and add annotation/comments in the Web Viewer of Public Link. You can share the public link with other users as well.

  • Only the data scanned by i500 can be shared by public link, but you can select and share the attached 3D files.


Partner search
  • A partnership and contract are required to use Medit Link order system. You can search and find partners close to you based on the area you enter.

Print option
  • You can now print your order information. Confirm the order request on Order Detail page or Payment Menu on Medit Link Web Page and print the information.

Auto login 
  • A new automatic login feature has been added in Medit Link. You can save your login information and Medit Link will automatically log you in next time with the most recent login information. You can log out using My Information menu and log in with another account.

Export function
  • Some improvements have been made in the Export feature. You can configure the export settings and it will export according to your preferred settings next time. You can also export the Scanbody Library information configured in iScan.

Previews, image capturing
  • You can preview and capture the 3D files in Case Box and Work Box. You can also add text and information to your captured image and save it as an image file.

    • How about sharing the scanned image along with the treatment information with your patient? Or enter the teeth shade while placing the order? You can also capture and edit this information.

    • Other than scanned images, capture and paint functions can also be used for any 3D, 2D images.

  • You can share the orthodontic view, capture and save it as an image.

dentalDB support
  • Work Box supports dentalDB v2.3 Matera version. Previous versions of Valleta are also supported.

Offline mode
  • The Offline Mode is now available for Lab accounts as well. All the features except data synchronization are available in offline mode.

  • You can delete the cases created in Offline Mode.

  • You can check the order information in Offline Mode.

Account functionalities
  • You can now change the email address you registered with.

  • The features to unsubscribe and temporarily deactivate your account have been added.

    • You cannot use the order feature and partner search if you do not log in for a year after temporary deactivation of your account. You can log in with your information to activate your account again.

    • You can unsubscribe from our service anytime now. The important information is stored according to the terms and conditions.

Customer Support
  • Medit has a great support team and we strive to provide you the best customer service. You can visit our Help Center and our support team will do the very best to assist you. We have prepared guide videos for your queries and better experience. You can easily access both Medit Link App and Web and their menu for help.


  • Japanese, Russian, Czech, Italian and Hungarian have been added to the languages.


Additional improvements
  • Improved user experience with Update Manager in v2.1.0 updates. Make sure you update the software to get the best service and experience.

  • Deletion of cases and files during synchronization.

  • More options have been added in Cleanup Disk for a better user experience. You can check the storage space consumed by the files and select the files for deletion.

  • The issue of save failure for an empty folder has been resolved.

  • The scan issue due to insufficient space on the PC has been resolved. Medit Link controls the storage capacity for successful completion of scan.

  • You can now register with a single name instead of separate First and Last Name.

  • You can now run exocad for more than two cases in the Work Box.

  • The advanced parameter in Case Box, Order Box, In Box is not available anymore. We will bring it back as a better and improved feature soon.

  • Our goal is to design better UX/UI and improve performance for a better user experience. We will keep updating the software for improvements.

  • Bug fix: The issue of forced shutdown has been fixed.

Medit iScan V1.3 Release Notes

Margin Line Creation
  • Auto Creation, Manual Creation and Editing feature

  • The margin line and tooth number can be used for design



Scanbody Library Management and Real-Time Substitution
  • Scan Abutment and Scanbody Library

  • Library management provided by the system and manually added by the user

  • Alignment of automatically and manually scanned data

  • The aligned data can be used for design



Smart Data Cleaning
  • This function enables you to select, delete and edit the data, based on reliability map. You can get better results by removing less reliable data like soft tissues.



Result for 3D Printing
  • You can get the required result for 3D printing using base creation and thickness



Addition of Image Preview Window
  • Improvement in preview window

  • The user can detach the preview window and use the program

  • You can also change the size of preview window and the preview image is bigger than the one displayed during the scan

  • The features like mask on, mask size and image rotation are provided to view the image in different ways



Sound Management
  • Improvement in sound management feature

  • The file formats of .wav, .mp3 and .wma can be used and you can manage and listen to the audio files on the list

  • You can listen to the sound files registered for scan and various files can be used during the scan

  • You can configure the size and surface roughness of the output

  • If you want to have a smoother surface for post processing of data, you can use this option to get your desired output

Improvement in Occlusal Analysis Display
  • The display of occlusion analysis result has been improved for an intuitive view and better understanding of occlusion status.


Improvements in Help Menu
  • Detailed guide messages are displayed during use of program

  • A link to the help center is provided for every feature


Recording Feature
  • There is a recording function for the program window and model view window. You can save the result as a video file and share it with patients, clinics and laboratories.



Overall Improvements
  • Improved algorithms for overall improved performance of the system:

  • Improved scan algorithm for a smoother scan

  • Improved memory for huge volume of data

  • Improved processing algorithm for faster results


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