Medit Design

Don't just scan. 

Analyze data, create restorations and models, help your patients envision various types of treatment, and answer the burning question — does the crown fit well?


Medit Consultation

Medit Consultation is a software suite that offers tools for patient consultation.

Medit Ortho Simulation allows you to create multiple sophisticated scenarios for orthodontic treatment.

Medit Smile Design helps your patient envision their new smile using teeth and braces templates.

Smile Design

Medit Apps_Smile Design v1.2.png

Show the patient their future smile with Medit Smile Design. Load in an image of the patient and their teeth, and show them how they could look with treatment.


Medit Analysis

Medit Analysis is a software suite that offers tools for those who aspire to take the next step in the world of digital dentistry. You can not only analyze data in various ways but also edit or sculpt data directly.

Medit Crown Fit will be your go-to tool in conducting modeless digital restoration fitting tests.

Crown Fit

With Medit Crown Fit, clinicians can conduct a modeless crown fitting. After the prepped area and crown data are aligned, the software can reveal where alterations may be needed.

Crown Fit.png

Medit Creator

Medit Creator is a software suite that offers tools to design models and restorations for everyone from novices to professionals.

Medit Model Builder helps you create 3D-printable models optimized for both orthodontic and prosthetics workflows.

Medit Temporaries offers an exceptionally simple workflow to create temporary and eggshell-type restorations in just a few clicks.

Medit Design provides a wide variety of tools that can analyze, align, measure, and edit 3D data.


Medit Apps_Design v2.0.png
Icons_Apps_Categories_03.Medit Creator_Design (500x500).png

Medit Design (Formerly Known as Medit Compare)

Medit Design is a multifaceted app that can analyze, align, measure (including distance, area, length, and angle), and compare 3D data. It provides various tools such as "Boolean," "Offset," "Smooth Surface," "Sculpting," and many more to help you achieve your outcomes. Medit Design is accessible to all, from novices to experts, with its intuitive user interface and workflow.


Medit Toolkit

Medit Toolkit is a software suite that offers various tools for personal workflow customization.

Medit Calibration Wizard allows you to calibrate your intraoral scanners without running the scanning applications. 

Medit DCM Converter is a great tool for users converting to Medit – don't just store your 3Shape DCM files but perform additional scanning or utilize them in any other Medit software. 

DCM Converter

MeditLinkApps_screenshot_DCM converter.png
DCM Converter.png

Medit DCM Converter will help you to convert your 3Shape DCM files to a format usable in the Medit ecosystem.

Démarrez votre expérience Medit avec Medit Apps.

Vous n'avez pas d'avoir un scanner Medit ni d'avoir un scanner du tout (Medit Smile Design fonctionne avec des images 2D) pour commencer à repenser votre flux de travail Medit Apps.

Comment les télécharger ?

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  2. Trouvez l'application que vous souhaitez essayez et cliquez sur le bouton Installer.

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*Medit Link Applications are for illustrative purposes and should only be used for patient consultation*


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