Improve Patient Communication

The Medit Apps are designed to help improve patient communication and treatment acceptance. Show the patient their future smile and streamline your workflow by ditching models.


Ortho Simulation 

Medit Ortho Simulation helps the patient visualize potential results of multiple orthodontic treatment scenarios. Load up to three different scenarios, add-in face scan data, and the patient can see their future smile!


Crown Fit

crown fit@3x.png

With Medit Crown Fit, clinicians can conduct a modeless crown fitting. After the prepped area and crown data are aligned, the software can reveal where alterations may be needed.


Smile Design

Show the patient their future smile with Medit Smile Design. Load in an image of the patient and their teeth, and show them how they could look with treatment.



Medit Compare is a simple-to-use data analysis tool that allows both experts and beginners to see the differences in two or more sets of scan data. Overlay two different sets of scan data and view surface roughness, curvature, and data deviation.


Start your Medit experience with Medit Apps.

Start your Medit experience with Medit Apps.

You don't have to have a Medit scanner or scanner at all (Medit Smile Design runs on 2D images) to start reimagining your workflow Medit Apps.

How to download them?

  1. Create or log in to your Medit Link account (, download the program, and go to the App Box.

  2. Find the App you would like to try out and click on the "Install" button.

Everything from creating your account to using the Apps is free of charge.

*Medit Link Applications are for illustrative purposes and should only be used for patient consultation*


Learn more about the specific workflow and features by watching

our experts as they complete real-life cases with our Medit Apps.