Industrielle 3D Scanner

Unsere Solutionix Produkte bieten hohe Genauigkeit, Auflösung


für ein angenehmes Scan-Erlebnis

Experience the Industrial 3D Scanners from Solutionix 

Solutionix scanners provide highly accurate and detailed 3D measurement data using Blue LED scanning technology and high resolution twin-cameras for a fast and easy-to-use metrology experience. Detailed information about Solutionix and our industrial offering can be found on the official Solutionix website.

Solutionix Products

Solutionix C500

This scanner is optimized for scanning small- to medium-sized objects. With dual 5.0MP cameras, the C500 provides excellent data quality at a high resolution, making it the most user-friendly 3D scanner on the market.

Solutionix D700

The D700 scanner features dual 6.4MP cameras, providing excellent data quality at a high resolution for use cases involving small objects or jewelry.

Solutionix D500

The D500 is equipped with dual cameras with 2.0MP resolution and a 2-axis arm. Users can perform multi-angle scanning which reduces the noise of scan data and minimizes blind spots.

Solutionix ezScan 2017

Our industrial scanning software provides an easy step-by-step process, an intuitive user interface as well as enhanced data editing and processing capabilities.


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