Unleash Your Clinic's Potential

Medit i700

Scanning Reimagined

Medit has been at the forefront of realizing easy entry into digital dentistry.
Our innovation will improve your patient’s experience.

How can we develop a product

beyond users’ imagination?


How should we incorporate our advanced scanning technology

and 20 years of engineering know-how?

To us, meaningful innovation is fair, pragmatic, and accessible to all. As a global company, we aim to deliver the benefits of digital dentistry to all our customers, regardless of environments and systems.

As the scanning company most trusted by consumers, we work hard to create new, previously unimagined possibilities for scanning through better innovation and customer care.

We see a great opportunity to bring the best technology out there into our HW and SW.  By expanding the capacity and capability of the hardware, we can give you a significant value now, but more importantly , we can continuously deliver performance improvements during the months and years to come!  This of course is the secret sauce of our constant performance improvements! 

On April 15th, we are launching the biggest advancement in the history of Medit. And I couldn’t be more excited and proud to show it to you soon.


CEO of Medit

We will proudly introduce you to our most powerful, versatile, and innovative intraoral scanner to make digital dentistry for everyone.

The Medit i700.

This incorporates the essence of our more than 20 years journey in scanning technology.

Michael Lee

CTO of Medit


Hear what our users say about their experience

Dr. Michael Scherer@4x.png

Dr. Michael Scherer

Medit has figured out how to make it all work!

Dr. Mark T. Murphy@4x.png

Dr. Mark T. Murphy

Truly exceeded all my expectations

Dr. Marko Tadros@4x.png

Dr. Marko Tadros

A technological showcase in every aspect.

Dr. Vas Srinivasan@4x.png

Dr. Vas Srinvasan

Changed the way we provide dental care to our patients.

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