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Medit i500 Delivers:
Value, Efficiency, and Productivity​

Designed with quality in mind, we have created the i500 to add
value to your practice.


An open system for easy file transfer and optimized collaboration

Impressive Speed

Intelligent scan-detecting algorithm for quick and efficient intraoral scanning​


No need for powder in most regular cases for a seamless scanning process and increased patient comfort

High Accuracy

*Accuracy test in vitro was conducted by Ji-Man Park at Yonsei University College of Dentistry according    to the methods in "Accuracy comparison analysis on scan data of single tooth, quadrant, and full arch        between two types of an intraoral scanner, i500 and Trios 3," 19 December 2018.​

**Accuracy test in vivo was conducted by Medit.​

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Small tip

Simple maneuverability and improved patient comfort​

Single button control

Pressing a single button on the device to start, stop, and move to the next scanning stage

High resolution

Easy to locate margin lines, undercuts, and the distinction between tooth structure and soft tissue​

Vivid color

3D full-color streaming capture for precise scans and detail-rich images

Video type

The 3D-in-motion video technology for rapid video-based scans


280-gram weight and a comfortable grip

Perfect Software and Hardware Combination

Simply incorporate the Medit i500 and its accompanying software into your practice or lab​

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A.I Abutment A.I Scan Body Matching_2x.p

A.I. Abutment & A.I. Scan Body Matching

This function allows you to match scan abutments and scan bodies, thus saving time in instances of poor scanning environments. You can select the appropriate library for your tooth. When you scan the corresponding tooth, the scan abutment and scan body are automatically matched and aligned with the scan data. The aligned library data can be used for downstream work such as design. A manual alignment option is also available.

Margine Line Creation_2x.png

Margin Line Creation

iScan features automatic and manual margin line creation as well as edit functions. While scanning a patient, you can add or edit control points to the prepped teeth scan data in order to draw the most accurate margin line. The created margin lines will be forwarded for more accurate prothesis design and production along with your order.

Pre-Operation Scan_2x.png

Pre-Operation Scan

You can perform a pre-operation scan of a patient’s teeth and utilize this data for a variety of uses. With this pre-operation scan data, the post-operation scan can be performed more quickly and easily. The data can also be used as reference data in the modeling process to assist you in creating more natural prosthesis.

Impression Scan2_2x_with double impressi

Impression Scan

This function supports composite scanning operations which use both embossed oral scan data and engraved impression scan data. With just a simple scan, both data can be sorted and merged in real-time and used for modeling.

Hight Resolution Scan_2x with imgs.png

High Resolution Scan

You can select specific parts of the tooth to scan at high resolution. This function allows you to scan in HD only where it is required, enabling efficient management of scan time, data capacity etc. The selected area is displayed in a different color for ease of use.

_hd camera.PNG

HD Camera

Along with 3D Scan function, this function allows you to use the scanner as intraoral camera to take HD pictures. You can share images with a lab and use them when consulting patients.

_bite 1.PNG

Occlusion Analysis

The occlusion analysis function quickly analyzes the occlusal state of the maxilla and mandible, displaying the results in a color map with numerical values. The color map shows the degree of occlusion in different colors and displays the corresponding values when you move the cursor over each area. You can also check the distance between the prepped tooth and its antagonist.

_scan replay.PNG

Scan Replay

The scan replay function allows you to replay a previous scan process. By virtually showing the scan tip and scan area, you will be able to see how it was scanned, enabling you to identify and improve your scanning methods or habits.

System Requirements for Medit i500

The following are the requirements for using the i500 with Medit Scan for Clinics.

Recommended System Requirements


Minimum System Requirements




Cloud Storage




Medit Link

Discover our collaboration platform software Medit Link for dental clinics and labs, equipped with automatic integration of the Medit i500 intraoral scanner.

Medit i500

Medit i500

The Easy Entry into Digital Dentistry
Medit i600
Digital Dentistry at Your Fingertips

Medit i600

Medit i700
Unleash Your Clinic's Potential

Medit i700

Medit i700 wireless
Magic Made Easy with a Simple Touch

Medit i700 wireless

i-Series Comparison

i-series Comparison_220620_최종.png

• Performance can vary depending on PC specs
• Accuracy test of i600, i700 wireless scanners by Medit R&D
• <Accuracy test of i700 intraoral scanner>, Yonsei University College of Dentistry, 02, February 2021.
• For the i600, the tip for 150 autoclave cycles is sold separately.
• Mac version of Medit Link in development*

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