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(주)메디트  서울시 성북구 고려대로22길 23(안암동5가)

Tapping Your Potential

We believe that working towards the success of clients will lead to the growth of the company.

Why work at Medit?

Are you always brimming with ideas to improve the world around you? Eager to be part of a future-oriented industry aimed at delivering innovative solutions? Join us in our journey to change the world through leading 3D digital solutions.

Open Positions

터치 패드의 데이터

하드웨어 신뢰성 시험 담당자

노트북 작업

시스템 기획 담당자 (프로젝트 매니저)

i500 clinic.png

구강 스캐너 교육 담당자

웃는 남자

플랫폼개발팀 프론트엔드 개발자


​기구설계 담당자

커피 작업

플랫폼개발팀 어플리케이션 개발자

공공 스피커

Training & Support Staff (Russia)

게임을 재생

영상 기획 / 제작 담당자

웹 상담

소프트웨어 QA 담당자


랩 스캐너 교육 담당자

열기 노트북

주니어 제품인증 담당자

현대 노트북

구매조달 담당자

노트북에 입력

Training & Support Staff (China)


Training & Support Staff (Latin America)

맥 데스크탑

시스템 개발 담당자

노트북에 입력

플랫폼개발팀 백엔드 개발자

터치 스크린 컴퓨터

​주니어 특허 담당자


시니어 소프트웨어 개발자


​플랫폼사업팀 프로젝트 매니저

비즈니스 사람 (남자)

Training & Support Staff (Japan)

Our people have

Growth mindset

Problem-solving ability 

Proactive attitude 

Focus on end-users

We prioritize the end-consumer’s needs in everything we do.

Be a great teammate

We constantly strive for excellence and support each other in the team because we firmly believe that together, we can achieve more.

Welcome challenges

We welcome new challenges and are not afraid of taking risks because we believe that innovation happens by venturing into the unknown.

Be open and honest

We place great importance on trust, which is why we are transparent in whatever we do and we value open communication.

Deliver results

We give our best in working towards our goals in order to achieve outstanding results and deliver on our promises.

Benefits of working at Medit

Here at Medit, we value our employees because we are only as successful as our people are. We are dedicated to supporting your continued growth and success in a well-established company which is part of a future-oriented industry. In addition to competitive compensation as well as an open work culture, here are some benefits you will enjoy if you join us:

Work-life balance

Whether you are an early-riser or prefer to get into work slightly later to avoid the rush hour crowd, our flexible work timings arrangement means you get to pick your preferred work schedule!

Personal & professional development

We are committed to supporting our employees in their pursuit of personal and professional development. Be it training in particular job skills or Korean language classes for foreigners, we are ready to support your continued growth.

Health & wellness

Besides an annual full-body health check-up (fully paid for), we also offer an unlimited book budget support and support for cultural activities for your overall well-being.

Festive gifts

We give all employees cash vouchers and festive gifts twice a year to show our appreciation and to share some festive joy.

Team-bonding activities 

Every team is given a monthly budget to spend on various team-bonding activities - be it a simple dinner and drinks or perhaps an evening at the theaters.

Free-flow coffee (or tea)

Did we mention that we have an in-house café? All employees enjoy free-flow coffee and tea so you can grab your morning coffee and post-lunch tea without worrying about extra expenses!