How to Align Edentulous and Denture Scan Data with the Medit Design App

Aligning Edentulous and Denture Scan Data with the Medit Design App

Aligning edentulous scan data with separately scanned denture data can be challenging due to the differences in surface characteristics and lack of clear reference points. This concise guide demonstrates how to efficiently align these scans using the Medit Design app, ensuring accurate and reliable outcomes for dental restorations.


Step-by-Step Guide to Aligning Edentulous and Denture Scans

The process of aligning edentulous scan data with denture scans involves a few critical steps within the Medit Design app. Here’s how to do it effectively:


  1. Attach the Denture Scan File: Start by attaching the denture scan file to the original edentulous scan data. This is done in Medit Link, where you upload and manage your scan files.
  2. Load the Files in Medit Design App: Open the Medit Design app and load the files you have attached. This includes both the edentulous scan data and the denture scan data.
  3. Enter Edit Mode: Once the files are loaded, go to the Edit Mode found at the top of the app interface. In this mode, reverse all data to prepare it for alignment.
  4. Switch to Alignment Mode: After reversing the data, switch to Alignment Mode. Here, set the denture scan file as the Reference file and the upper scan data as the Target. This configuration will guide the alignment process.
  5. Manual Alignment Using Matching Points: Perform a manual alignment by selecting three matching points on the scans. These points should be carefully chosen to ensure they accurately represent corresponding locations on both the denture and the edentulous scan.
  6. Repeat for the Lower Arch: Apply the same alignment process to the lower arch scan. Ensure that the lower denture scan is also aligned using three matching points, just as with the upper arch.
  7. Return to Edit Mode: After aligning both arches, go back to Edit Mode and reverse all data back to its original state. This step finalizes the alignment and prepares the scan for further processing or analysis.


The Medit Design app provides a powerful toolset for dental professionals to align scan data effectively. By following these detailed steps, you can overcome the common challenges associated with aligning edentulous and denture scans, leading to better restoration fit and improved patient outcomes.


For more detailed instructions and to see this process in action, watch our video tutorial.

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