Scanning Reimagined

At Medit, we're not just about creating products; we're about reimagining possibilities.

Our commitment to innovation and customer care propels the digital dentistry revolution, offering advanced 3D digital solutions that transform dental clinics and labs. With our intraoral scanners, desktop scanners, and sophisticated platform and collaboration software, we’re setting new standards in dental technology.


Through innovation and customer care, we drive the digital dentistry revolution.

Medit @ IDS 2019


We will become the leader in 3D dental scanning through innovation and customer care.

Our values

Medit combines cutting-edge technology, a focus on customer needs, and a commitment to quality, empowering dental professionals with superior 3D scanning tools and solutions for excellence in practice.

Innovation in technology

Medit develops innovative 3D scanning technologies ensuring that dental professionals have access to the most advanced tools for their practice.​

Customer-centric approach

At Medit, we prioritize customer needs and experiences, driving our efforts to offer comprehensive support and foster digital collaborations.

Commitment to excellent quality

Quality is at the heart of Medit’s mission. Our dedication to producing high-quality products and solutions reflects our commitment to excellence.

Milestones of Innovation

A Dependable Partner in Growth

For nearly two decades, Medit has been dedicated to serving dental and industrial CAD/CAM customers. Our journey began in Seoul, South Korea, in 2000, and since then, we’ve expanded globally with representatives in the Americas and Europe, and a distributor network in over 190 countries.

Global impact

Medit’s influence extends globally, serving over 90,000 customers. This reach reflects our commitment to excellence in digital dentistry.

Strong partnerships

With more than 200 partners, Medit’s network is crucial to our success. These alliances ensure we stay at the forefront of dental technology.

Worldwide presence

Operating in over 190 countries, Medit has transformed dental practices globally through our dedication to high-quality digital dental care.

Join the Medit revolution worldwide

Join the Medit family and see why over 100,000 dental professionals around the globe trust us.

Join the Medit family and see why over 100,000 dental professionals around the globe trust us. Discover how Medit is shaping the future of dental care, one clinic at a time.

Medit Intraoral Scanners and Dental Software
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